UCR Campus Operator
(951) 827-1012

Emergency 911

Chief of Police: Mike Lane
(951) 827-5222 (non emergency)
911- Emergency

Located at the corner of Linden and Canyon Crest Drive.

The mission of the University of California Police Department, Riverside is to enhance the quality of life by providing a secure and safe environment through professional service to the University community.

Director: Kenneth Simmons
Costo Hall, Rm 133, 827-4576

As part of the VCSA student support network, African Student Programs is vital in challenging, inspiring, embracing and enriching the overall student life experience through extra curricular activities, educational programs, and cultural collaboration. This office provides services to African American students and student groups in providing social and cultural activities such as orientation, award ceremonies, performing groups, advis­ing/referral, speakers, etc. The office also provides general advice on campus ethnic issues and concerns. African Student Programs is committed to academic and cultural excellence. Support service components provide an atmosphere where students are better able to maximize their academic potential.

Director: William Caganap
Costo Hall Rm 244, 827-7272

Leadership, consciousness, and community are the central pillars of the Asian Pacific Student Programs Office. This office provides services to Asian Pacific American students and student groups in providing social and cultural activities such as orientation, award ceremonies, performing groups, advis­ing/referral, speakers, etc. APSP provides leadership training and personal development opportunities to UCR students, and serves as an advocate for Asian Pacific American concerns on campus. 

HUB 111, 827-3626

The ASPB is responsible for producing concerts, block-buster films, lectures, and a variety of special events. All students are encouraged to join an ASPB committee and get involved with their activities. Students are also encouraged to use their suggestion box in the ASUCR office as to what acts they would like to see performed on campus. Calendars of ASPB events are available every quarter in the Commons offices.

Dr. Geoff Cohen
1609 HMSS Building, 827-7831

3400 HMSS, 827-3683

Director: Estella Acuña
Costo Hall Rm 145, 827-3821

Chicano Student Programs is a support program and coordinating center for projects and services responding to the needs of all Chicano/Latino students on campus. The office provides leadership and organizational development through various clubs and activities. Annual events offered by the program promote enrichment, awareness, and pride in Chicano/Latino culture. Students are encouraged to engage in the exchange of information, make use of computers or browse the selected library collection at the center. Highlighted campus events include the Fall Chicano/Latino Orientation, Juegos de Aztlan, Noche Cultural, Poesia Peligrosa, Community College Transfer Day, and the Chicano/Latino Youth Conference. The office goal is to maximize the success potential of Chicano/Latino students attending the University. The office provides support services, including academic advising, individual counseling and referral information.

Director: Dr. Laura Hammond
Veitch Student Center, 827-8255 (UCR-TALK)

The Counseling Center serves the campus community, providing professional confidential counseling and consultation services. In counseling, a student may discuss freely and in confidence any problems or feelings that are of concern. The counselor respects individuals' responsibility for conducting their own lives, yet helps individuals deal more successfully with their concerns. Services include: personal counseling, couples counseling, group counseling, crisis intervention, referral to community services, and special programs and workshops (examples include assertiveness training, meditation, stress management, biofeedback, stressbusters).

After-hours crisis phone counseling is available - (951) UCR-TALK.

Student Services Building, 827-3878
The Financial Aid Office is committed to making it possible for all admitted students to be able to attend UCR, regardless of family financial circumstances.

Director: Todd Wingate
New Student Commons 353, 827-4629

Cultural Events: Performing Arts offers the finest in professional performing arts in its dance, music, theater and variety series. Brochures describing upcoming performances are available in the Performing Arts Office.

Director: Dr. Adrienne Sims
Costo Hall Rm 260, 827-3337

The Women’s Resource Center offers programs, projects and services which focus on the issues facing students today. During the year, the Center presents workshops, conferences, speakers and films dealing with these issues. All of these offerings are open to women and men. The WRC also provides personal "drop-in" support for individuals through an extensive referral service, paraprofessional counseling and support groups. Additionally, the Center has computer work stations and a study area.

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center
Director: Nancy Tubbs
Costo Hall Rm 245, 827-2267

The LGBT Resource Center provides support, education, and advocacy regarding sexual orientation and gender identity for the UC Riverside community, through campus-wide programming and safe space in 245 Costo Hall. Programs include: Allies Safe Zone, Peer Connections, Tuesday Rap Groups, Speakers Bureau, and cultural events throughout the year. Center staff provides educational trainings and one-on-one support. The center space includes the David Bohnett CyberCenter, a meeting room for student groups, and a resource library of films, books, and magazines.

Andy Plumley, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Housing, Dining & Residential Services
3595 Canyon Crest Drive, 827-6350,

The mission of HDRS is to provide a safe, inclusive and diverse living experience that supports academic success and personal development. They employ the staff in the Residence Halls and Campus Apartments & Family Housing. Resident Advisors, Program Coordinators, Resident Services Assistants, House Keeping, Maintenance, Resident Directors, and Dining workers. The Residence Life staff (RA, PC, Resident Directors) can be contacted for emergencies and concerns.  Contact your Resident Services Office for more details.

Contacts: Alfredo Figueroa and Jennifer Miller
HUB 318, 827-7344

If you believe you have witnessed or been a target of a hate bias-motivated incident or crime on campus (or have witnessed or been a target of such an event that impacts UCR students), you may bring the incident to the attention the Assistant Dean of Students or Student Development Educator directly at the contact information found at the bottom of this page or by filling out and forwarding this form to the Dean of Students office (Costo 145). The Assistant Dean of Students and Student Development Educator are available to assist you with any questions you may have about your options, the response process, and further referral sources providing assistance. While you are not obligated to use your name, the range of response options available to you and the UCR community are considerably greater if you do so. If an incident warrants a formal hearing before the UCR Conduct Committee, the victims must be willing to be named and testify at a closed hearing of the committee.

The Not in R’ House team members are also available to provide hate bias related information and/or offer workshops for student organizations and/or residence hall communities.

A brochure is available at or through the Dean of Students office and other campus locations.

Director: Karen McComb
University Extension,1200 University Avenue, 827-4346

Every student at UCR is involved in international education because they share the campus with people from nearly 70 countries including the U.S. The International Services Center will help acquaint you with the international population as well as the world at large. Our full range of information, program and services include: Passport, visa, and customs information; Sale of International Student Identity Cards and Youth Hostel Passes; Charter flight, car rental and shipping information; Air Fare and Health Insurance for travelers; Summer Study Abroad Program information; Education Abroad Program.

Director: Michael-Paul Wong
Located in Surge Building, First Floor, 827-3721

Provides a variety of services to help students succeed. Tutoring, Test Prep and Supplemental instruction are a few of the services provided.

Director: Joshua Gonzalez
Costo Hall Rm 229 827-4143

Provides a supportive environment in which American Indians may reach academic and personal goals while maintaining their cultural identity. Services include counseling, assistance with Bureau of Indian Affairs grants including lineage search, and advisement in the planning and implementation of cultural and social events. NASP encourages the development and enhancement of leadership and interpersonal communication skills through active participation in Native American Student Association (NASA) and the utilization of other student services.

R.E.A.C.H. (Reaching for Education, Affirmation, Community and Harmony)
Student Development Educator: Jennifer Miller
HUB 381, 827-5000

R.E.A.C.H. is a peer education program addressing: hate bias incidents/crimes, academic integrity, sexual violation/violence, suicide awareness and hazing. A sampling of R.E.A.C.H. programs includes: Take Back the Night, Stop the Hate Week, and Academic Integrity Week. R.E.A.C.H. also offers educational training sessions for student organizations and/or residence hall communities.

Director: Laura Riley
Costo Hall, Rm 104, 827-4208

Student Conduct & Academic Integrity Programs (SCAIP) supports the diverse educational community at UCR by serving as a resource and providing outreach on issues of student conduct. SCAIP ensures student development and success through consistent enforcement of student conduct policies and the commitment to a safe, secure, and supportive environment.

Director: Deb McCoy
Veitch Student Center, 827-3031
The Campus Health Center (CHC) provides high quality, confidential medical care to students, with a focus on convenient, affordable and accessible services. All registered students are eligible to use the Center.

Director:  Lenita Kellstrand
Costo Hall Room 125, 827-3861

Student Special Services houses several separate and distinct programs including Services for Students with Disabilities, which provides services for UCR students with permanent and temporary disabilities, and Veterans Affairs, which assists students who are eligible for educational benefits due to their own military service or the service-connected death or disability of a parent or spouse. The office also provides Voter Registration, ROTC Referral, and Selective Service Information

Director: Diane LeGree
HUB 229, 827-7344

Clubs: Over 150 special interest clubs are organized to provide students, faculty and staff with an opportunity to pursue their interests. Registered clubs are assisted with facilities, funding and programs.

New Student Orientation: Bear Facts Orientation is a component of the Student Life & Leadership
Center and is intended to welcome new students and their families and offer the following: Placement Examinations, Academic Advising, Campus Tours, Student Identifications, Parking Permits and Fall Class Scheduling for classes.

The application process for those who wish to serve as UCR Bear Facts Orientation Counselors is during the month of January each year.

Community Service Projects: Tutorial program for K-12, a sign language class, and a student volunteer program (Human Corps).

Fraternities and Sororities: There are 15 national fraternities and sororities on campus, providing many activities for all members, plus service projects for campus and community. They are open to all students. Some fraternity and sorority housing is available in Falkirk Apartments.

Activities: Included are Winter Arts Festival, Scot's Week, Activities Fairs, Oktoberfest, bus trips, and Wednesday Nooners. Students may receive academic credit for participation in the WRC Prison Tutorial Program and academic internships are available or other special projects. The Rape Prevention Education Program presents programs on self-defense and rape prevention and has a handbook of information available. The Escort Service, which operates out of the main Library, is a service providing safe passage to women students walking on campus after dark.