Mission Statement

CHASS F1RST provides students with the tools, opportunities, and experiences to be successful at UCR and beyond.

Global Goals:

  1. Diversity and Community: When students leave CHASS F1RST they will possess an awareness and understanding of the diversities of backgrounds, knowledge, and views among their peers. They will be aware of their responsibilities and connections as members of the UCR community. Students will be aware of faculty expectations and proper classroom etiquette. They will have developed the ability to work as team members in diverse groups.

  2. Intellectual Curiosity: When students leave CHASS F1RST they will have an interest in exploring the broadest aspects of a university education. They will have started the transition from high school learner to university learner. They will hone the tools necessary to analyze arguments, assess evidence, and make reasonable and informed decisions. They will have begun to lay the foundation for becoming a life-long learner.

  3. Life Possibilities: When students leave CHASS F1RST they will have begun to develop a sense of their personal potential, of productive choices, and of the multiple possibilities for their major, career and life options.