CHASS F1RST Quarterly Learning Contract

For students in Gateway to CHASS or CHASS Connect:

Being in a Learning Community allows you to meet a group of students dedicated to learning and to advancing towards their academic, career and life goals. To reach beyond the specific academic courses which make up your Learning Community, CHASS F1RST has created a Learning Community Contract. The Contract provides students with a directed means for exploring the broadest aspects of a university education. We want you to understand the multiple possibilities for your major, career, and life options. The following contract will guide you in your exploration of UCR and its possibilities. Each assignment has been chosen to provide you with a starting point for your exploration.

The assignments must be completed and emailed to your peer mentors within a week of the event. Each assignment must have your name, SID#, Learning Community name, and which assignment is being fulfilled. The assignment should be ½ page, single spaced and should tell us what you already knew about the subject, what you want to know about the subject, and what you learned about the subject.

***Check the CHASS F1RST website: for a calendar of possible events.
Join our Facebook page for notification of upcoming events!/pages/Chass-F1rst/185734878156342 ***

  1. Meet with your professor (during office hours) at least once during the quarter. Come with a question about the course, a point from lecture or the subject.

  2. Meet with our T.A. (during office hours) at least once during the quarter. Come in with a question about the course or an assignment.

  3. Attend one CHASS Annual Theme Event.

  4. Attend one cultural event: such as a dance or music conert, a play, an art exhibit at the Sweeney Art Gallery or California Museum of Photography.

  5. Attend on Academic event or one Athletic event. Support your Highlanders!!

  6. Attend one personal advancement event, such as a career center workshop/presentation or health and wellness presentation.

If you have any questions, contact your peer mentors.