Fall Transitions: About the Program

Fall Transitions provide CHASS freshmen with seats in highly desirable large lecture courses and a means to make the large courses seem smaller and more manageable. Students will have the opportunity to enroll in appropriate Freshman Composition classes with other freshmen from their large lecture thereby forming the smaller FYLC Community. Students participating in an FYLC Fall Transitions will also have the opportunity to work in even smaller freshman groups during their discussion sections.

*Students will recieve a booklet during orientation that outlines what class to take for specific majors. Here is an example schedule:

Anthropology major only – you will select one time option:
Track A Block 1
ANTH-001 -001 LEC TR 12:40PM-2:00PM
ANTH-001 -021 DIS R 9:10AM-10:00AM
CHFY-007 -052 WRK R 8:10AM-9:00AM

Track A Block 2
ANTH-001 -001 LEC TR 12:40PM-2:00PM
ANTH-001 -031 DIS R 3:10PM-4:00PM
CHFY-007 -101 WRK T 3:10PM-4:00PM